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Risk-based pricing of loans in India: the shape of things to come?

Recently, a leading Indian Bank announced plans to price retail loans based on consumers’ credit scores. This means that loan seekers with strong financials and a good loan repayment track record should get loans at lower rates.   While common in other parts of the world, and common in corporate lending the move is innovative for retail lending in India. read more...

Time is money, but when it comes to banks, whose time and whose money?

‘Time is money’ – an oft-repeated phrase. However, when it comes to financial services it seems to have a different meaning, in fact it could be changed to ‘money takes time’ and usually a long time. Historically there were good reasons for this – people needed to be ‘careful with money’ and taking care takes time.   But the world has moved read more...

Low oil prices: High time for a transformation in lending

In August 2005 the price of crude oil was around $80 a barrel. By June 2008 it was over $150, and barring a short period in 2009, it traded consistently above $80 for nearly a decade. In 2014, who would have predicted that it would crash to below $30 and settle around $50? So, is $50 the new normal? Opinions vary but no one can be certain. What is certain is that the read more...

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At Nucleus Software we are committed to providing efficient, modern yet proven software solutions for the global Banking and Financial Service industry. We have been pioneers in developing Retail Banking Software, Corporate Banking Solutions, Transaction Banking, Cash Management and Internet Banking Software since 1986. Our success spreads across more than 50 countries, and we serve our customers globally through our direct and partner operations across US, Europe, Asia-Pacific, Africa and the Middle East. We are known for our world-class expertise and innovation in lending and transaction banking technology. Our two flagship products, built on the latest technology are: FinnOne™ and FinnAxia™.